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Over one hundred young authors and illustrators have participated in A BOOK by ME. It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm as they create their books, and heartwarming to see these young people interact with the survivors and heroes whose stories they preserve. 

I was thrilled to hear what Mary Jean Eisenhower (granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower) had to say about A BOOK by ME. She said it was powerful to read the students’ stories, as well as the stories told by the survivors themselves. 


People who see our completed books and matching curricula comment, "These books belong in schools.” Indeed they do, as they are designed for independent reading or as the basis of school lessons. The books help students understand history and the values of tolerance, compassion, determination, and more. All this comes in a format that entices students to read and adapts perfectly to classroom use.


Getting the books into schools and public libraries is our goal, but we are limited by a shoestring budget. Many completed books await publication. Sadly, some of the subjects of these books pass away before their stories can be published. Our young authors and team of educators have worked hard to create this excellent method for readers to learn about the Holocaust, and other stories as well. But we must have help.


We are working to distribute the books in several states. We need corporate or individual sponsors who can help us provide books to schools and public libraries. Press releases are sent to local media in the communities receiving the books. It is vital that the communities, as well as the schools, have access to the stories. Readers of all ages can enjoy and learn from these books.


If you can sponsor one book, one hundred books, or one thousand books, we would love to hear from you. Your help can make this program thrive! Contact me at


 If you would like to contribute toward this educational vision, your gift is tax deductible.  

Please send a check made out to Jewish Federation of QC to:


A BOOK by ME Project

c/o Jewish Federation

2715 30th Street

Rock Island, Illinois 61201

or donate here

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