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A Historic Night: Remembering Anne Frank

It was a memorable kick off to Memorial Day weekend when Jewish survivor Eva Schloss spoke to a large crowd in Rock Island, Illinois on Friday, May 25. I've been fortunate to have met Eva twice before and her children's book was captured by two exchange students years ago, but I always enjoy hearing her share. I learn something new from her each time.

She gave some fun insight on her friend Anne Frank, who was nicknamed "cluck cluck" at school because she was always talking. Also, because Anne talked during school, she had to write "I will not talk in school" over and over. I smiled because that was a problem I had as a child as well. I wrote that sentence hundreds, perhaps thousands of times.

As we remember our loved ones who have passed away this weekend, let's not forget the brave men and women who have fought for the freedom we enjoy in America. I have a special place in my heart for the WWII veterans that students have met and preserved their stories over the last fifteen years.

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Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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