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WWII Veteran John Gualtier Book Titled "Barbed Wire Wings"

A children's book about World War II veteran John Gualtier of Vinton, Iowa has been written and illustrated by two students from the Rockridge school district in Illinois. Barbed Wire Wings is the title of the ten page children book written about John's horrific experiences during the war. He experienced hell on earth working triage as a medic on the front lines, then liberated a concentration camp after the Allies won the war.

His book is part of the A BOOK by ME collection which is a program started in the Quad Cities area. The books are unique because they are written and illustrated by children for children. This program was designed to capture the stories of the WWII generation before the window of opportunity closes to hear them from those who experienced it. Authors and illustrators are age 18 and younger. Anyone interested in bringing a story to life can find the writer's guidelines and a link to the bookstore at

Watch the short You Tube video below and see some of the great stories (John's included) that kids have captured for future generations. Indeed, ordinary students can do something extraordinary with A BOOK by ME.

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John's book is available on Amazon, along with sixty other book titles from this series. All books are complete with photographs, a two-page biography and matching curriculum to make them more useful in the classroom. If you would like to donate a book set of 20 titles to a classroom, a discounted price for your tax deductible gift can be arranged. Email or call 417-339-4440.


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