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Plight of Ethiopian Girls

Plight of Ethiopian Girls

Written by Amen Gabre

Illustrated by Faith Mutum

Available for Pre-Order!

Young Author Amen Gabre from Ethiopia came into my life as a foreign exchange student for the school year 2015-16. Her family in Africa came from a region called Kafa, the land where coffee was first naturalized and then introduced all over the world. A freelancer, her father has translated the Bible into the Kafa language. While in the USA, Amen won first place in an essay contest in Iowa making us aware of a traumatizing experience in her childhood. As a child, she visited relatives in a small village where she witnessed four small girls being circumcised. She has never forgotten and has a burning desire to help. Today, this beautiful young woman wants to get a scholarship to become an attorney and work to help end this heinous tradition. She feels it's a human rights issue and a crime against the girls of Ethiopia. Her book entitled Plight of Ethiopian Girls tells her story. It is sure to educate people about this subject. Young illustrator Faith Mutum shares her beautiful art to this project and is proud to stand with Amen. It is expected to have this book completed in January of 2017. You can pre-order your copy today.

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