Giving Tuesday

December 1st is #GivingTuesday, a global celebration of generosity--a time to give to projects that mean the most to us.

For many, A BOOK by ME has become a project dear to our hearts. I'm happy to say, through generous donors, we have given more books to schools with grant monies this year than any other. But the need to get more stories in the hands of young readers is urgent. Why? Because some schools have not yet received book sets and the WWII generation is slipping away. We want as many of the stories to be told as possible and that means young people need to read the stories to be inspired to find one in their own community. The girls shown above, and others from Rockridge Junior High, are on board to find a story from the WWII generation. Their teacher, Candy Lopez, is very enthusiastic about helping her students find stories and document them for young readers. In fact, two soldier stories from their area have come to light: a soldier who liberated a concentration camp and a soldier who was one of the first Americans in Japan after they raised the white flag. I can't wait to hear these stories and see how the students preserve them. How did they get interested? They read the story of a local man whose family hid and protected a Jewish family of four during the war. These simple books educate and they can also inspire young people to want to find more stories worth telling. A gift of any amount will help with our goal of donating books in Rock Island and Mercer Counties. Please consider giving in increments of $10. Each gift in that category buys one book for a classroom.

  • Bronze Level - A gift of $100 donates ten different titles in a school library.

  • Silver Level - A gift of $250 puts 25 book titles in the school of your choice.

  • Gold Level - A gift of $500 allows us to donate 50 books to your favorite school district.

Our bigger goals of statewide and the first phase to a national distributions are available at this link. We hope and pray you are enjoying this holiday season and that each one of us is able to participate in #GIVINGTUESDAY.

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