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TV Interview of Author and Subject

Thirteen years ago I had an idea of having teens interview the World War II generation and then having the student write / illustrate a children's book about their life. At first, I was unsure of what kind of results I would get but over the years, I've seen amazing biographies produced by young people. I'm so proud of my kiddos.

My pride went off the chart last week when I saw an interview between Jewish survivor Frieda Roos and her young author Daniel Gittleman (both of Charlotte, North Carolina).

The love these two share is obvious when you watch the segment. I'm proud that Daniel not only recorded Frieda's story so that young people can begin to understand the horrors of the Holocaust, but he also has maintained a lasting relationship with his subject. This far exceeds my expectation for this project.

By the way, last April Frieda turned 100 years young. She looks beautiful and I'm so thankful children have gotten to know her through Daniel's work. We are currently distributing her book to schools in the greater Charlotte area. G-d bless you Daniel and Frieda!

Donors Needed: If you would like to help us distribute books from the series to schools, call Jeanie at 417-339-4440.

100-year-old Charlotte Holocaust survivor inspires teen

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