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Frieda Roos Celebrates 100th Birthday

Today is World Book Day and we have an amazing book from the A BOOK by ME series to highlight on this special day. The subject is Frieda Roos who was a victim of Nazi persecution in The Netherlands during World War II. Before the war, her Jewish family was famous for their music. In fact, Frieda was a popular singer on the radio but this changed overnight. Like many Jews, she was forced into hiding and feared daily for her life. Tragically, she lost her entire family in Auschwitz death camp but somehow young Frieda survived. She immigrated to America and now lives in Charlotte, NC. A young author named Daniel Gittleman, who also lives in Charlotte, wrote a children's book about her life and titled it From Singer to Survivor.

On this 70th anniversary of her liberation, Frieda is celebrating her 100th birthday tomorrow, on April 24. Her birthday wish is that Daniel's book be published and read by children.

This GO FUND ME has been established to help her wish come true. The goal is to launch a nationwide distribution of this children's book with copies to public libraries and schools starting in her home state of NC. To contribute to this worthy endeavor go to

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