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April visit to Denver

Earlier this month, I visited Jewish survivor Jack Welner in Denver, Colorado. Originally I met Jack five years ago and when I heard his story, I knew it would make a wonderful addition to the A BOOK by ME book series. Young author Jacob Johnson and young artist Miguel Lugo both from Massachusetts have documented his story for this generation and those to come. The book about his life is in final edits now and we hope to distribute it, along with other books from the series, across the state of Colorado next school year.

I learned there are several Jewish survivors in Denver who still tell their stories. Each of these stories would make welcome additions to the series. I met with leaders from two schools hoping their students will take an interest the writing project. The window of opportunity is quickly closing so I pray the stories are told in book form and children are reading and learning from them for generations to come.

It was wonderful meeting new friends at JEWISH Colorado, Faith Bible Chapel, Temple Emanuel, Mizel Museum, Denver Jewish Day School and Anti-Defamation League for the Mountain States.


Antisemitism on Rise Nationally and Worldwide

Kansas City Shooting

A known antisemitic man who was also a member of Ku Klux Klan, went on a shooting rampage near Kansas City. Three people were shot to death at Jewish facilities in Overland Park. Ironically, all three victims were not Jewish. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and to the Jewish community in the Kansas City area.


There has been much in the news lately regarding the anti-Semitic actions in the Ukraine. Jews are being told to register and pay a fine. If not, they risk being deported or having their property confiscated.

It is shocking and it seems unbelievable to hear this is happening in the year 2014. I pray this stops immediately or that the Jewish people in the Ukraine can be moved to safety quickly.

Read more about one man's journey back to Ukraine: CLICK HERE

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