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Exciting Week Nationwide!

1) Washington State: Tu Hoang (nickname "Bi") is illustrator for Book #07 in the Holocaust Series -

Eva and Anne: Playing Hide and Seek with Evil. This is the story of Eva Geiringer Schloss and Anne Frank. Two Jewish girls whose families relocated to Amsterdam in hopes to escape the Nazis. Both girl's families were forced in hiding but were found out and sent to a concentration camp. Sadly, Eva's father and brother died in the camp and her mother married Otto Frank after the war.

Bi illustrated this book while attending Westmer High School in Joy, Illinois as an exchange student from Vietnam. Today Bi is a college student at Seattle University.

While attending an exchange student conference in Seattle Deb Bowen, creator of A BOOK by ME, spent time with Bi. As a result of their conversation, an Internship at Washington State Holocaust Center in Seattle, is being discussed. Her book is scheduled to be published this spring and Bi would like to speak to school groups about her artwork making a difference in Holocaust education.

The goal is to create interest for students in Washington State to become authors and illustrators about the survivors and liberators in their state.

2) Iowa: Fran Riley of KWQC in Davenport, Iowa interviewed the young people in Danville, Iowa who are collecting postcards for the Anne Frank project. In addition, the young authors of Oceans Apart (the story of Anne Frank and her Iowa penpal) were part of the interview. This is Book #38 in the Holocaust Series (available now on our website).

Congratulations to ABBM young authors Hallie Darnell and Haley Villont who had their first book signing at the Burlington Library on Saturday February 23.

The kids in Danville have a goal of collecting 1.5 million postcards in memory of Anne Frank and the 1.5 million Jewish children who died in the Holocaust. Please take a moment this week to drop a card in the mail for their project.

Danville Schools - 419 S Main Street - Danville, Iowa - 52623

3) North Carolina:

The Charlotte Observer did a great article on A BOOK by ME young author Elyse Bodenheimer. Elyse wrote the story of her grandfather, Bert Bodenheimer, who was a Jewish Holocaust survivor.

Her book (#55 in the Holocaust series) entitled The Secret Journey will soon be published and put in schools in the greater Charlotte area.

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