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ABBM Author Speak for United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day

Meet Bella, a former high school foreign exchange student from Azerbaijan who attended Davenport Central HS in Iowa two years ago. She was in the USA as part of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program, a US State Department scholarship for students from the former Soviet Union.

When Bella heard about A BOOK by ME, she was very excited. Especially when she discovered stories of Muslim families who risked their lives reaching out to Jews and saving their lives during the Holocaust. Being Muslim herself she wrote a children's book based on this kind of story entitled Someone To Help. Her book will be published this spring and distributed to schools in her city with grant monies.

Bella was invited by the US Embassy in Baku to speak on UN Holocaust Remembrance Day (1/27/13). She shared about ABBM and her writing project. She encouraged young people in the audience to consider telling stories they are passionate about too. School officials spoke to her after her presentation inviting her to their schools to start writing projects.

I'm so proud of Bella for taking this step as a young author and a leader.

She must have done a fabulous job because afterward she was asked to begin an Internship at the Embassy. Also, a report about her presentation was sent to the United Nations in NYC. Congratulations Bella! It's so great to see my young authors soar!

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