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A BOOK by ME - Deb meets with young authors in Charlotte, NC

Deb Bowen, A BOOK by Me Daniel Gittleman, young author

I'm in Charlotte, NC right now visiting with two young authors. The first is Daniel Gittleman, son of Stuart and Sandra Gittleman. Daniel's book entitled From Singer to Survivor is in final edits.

Daniel is proud of the writing project he completed a number of years ago. He loves his "subject" named Frieda E. Roos-van Hessen. Frieda is a Jewish survivor and her story has touched his life.

If you know of a young person like Daniel who loves to write, send this newsletter to them asking them to visit us at

There is a free coloring book download available on the website. It can be used as a sample for anyone interested in the writing project.

Next week I will tell you about meeting Elyse Bodenheimer.

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