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Grandchildren Share Through A BOOK by ME

This week we are targeting grandchildren of Jewish Survivors, WWII Veterans and Righteous Gentiles. Please forward this newsletter to friends at Jewish Federations, schools (publlic schools, private schools, home schools, Hebrew schools), synagogues, churches, VFW, nursing homes, etc. Young Authors are wanted with a special emphasis on grandchildren writing their grandparent's story!

Surprisingly, only two of the 70+ children's books in the Holocaust Series have grandchildren sharing their grandfather's story". We would absolutely love to see more of this in the future so if you know a young person whose grand parent has a story to tell, please forward this newsletter to them as a challenge.


Telling Grandpa's Story:

A WWII Veteran's story is told ...

Young Brittany Ern from Buffalo Grove, Illinois shared her Grandfather Roy

Kouski's story. Roy was an American soldier who was an eyewitness to the Jewish prisoners in a work camp called Wobbelin in Germany. It was a subcamp for a larger concentration camp but the conditions there were deplorable. Roy's unit was asked to gather the Jewish prisoners (who had escaped the camp once the Nazi guards released the war was lost) and take them to a Displaced Persons Camp (DP Camp) for their own protection. Brittany's book is number 31 in the series and entitled The War and the Boy was illustrated by Amanda DeVilder of East Moline, Illinois.


A Jewish Survivor's story is told...

Elyse Bodenheimer of Charlotte, North Carolina told the story of her

grandfather Bert Bodenheimer. Her book is Number 55 in the series. It is entitled The Book #55 The Secret Journey Secret Journey: The True Story of Bert Bodenheimer and was illustrated by Chandler Whiteflied of Gainesville, Florida. Together, using story telling and art, the girls tell the story of Young Bert who bravely carried "secret documents" from Germany (where he lived) into Switzerland to a sympathic teacher. The Nazis searched him when coming into Germany (thinking he might be smuggling foreign currency or other valuables into his home country) but didn't suspect him of smuggling anything out of Germany.

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