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Young Author becomes A BOOK by ME Curriculum Writer

Cassie Bowen is the daughter of Don and Deb Bowen, Creator of A BOOK by ME. She invited her mom to a Yom Hashoah ( Holocaust Remembrance) event ten years ago. She was in Middle School at that time and in High School when A BOOK by ME was born to tell the stories of the Quad Cities three Esthers.

As a high school Junior, she became the author of a children's book about Sam Harris, a young

Polish boy whose life was devastated by the Nazis. The foreign exchange student who lived with her family that year was from Germany and she worked on the books illustrations with Cassie. During her college years, Cassie became a writing coach for the program and during the summer, she collaborated with University of Illinois teaching an A BOOK by ME summer school class at the extension office.

Now a college graduate with a degree in education, she writes curriculum sheets for each subject as the books are being published. Curriculum is currently available for the first five books released in the series along with the free coloring book download on the website. She is teaching this year at a small private school and next year hopes to work in Holocaust Education in Europe inspiring future young authors with Operation Write Now. Cassie is co-author with her mother of a soon to be released chapter book entitled A Walk With Esther. It tells the amazing journey of the writing project and stresses the importance of our finding these important stories of WWII and documenting them before it's too late.

Happy Birthday Cassie Bowen and thank you for your service to A BOOK by ME. If not for you, your

mom wouldn't have been inspired by Esther Avruch, Esther Katz and Esther Schiff to birth this important writing project.

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