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Bowman Brothers tell story of Art Hilmo

It was a year ago (February 2011) when I learned about the story of a Righteous man named Art Hilmo. The Jewish Federation called me asking if I would visit Art and hear his story to see if it would be a good fit for A BOOK by ME. When I went to his small apartment, I knew right away this story needed to be told for the next generation. Art is such a humble man and according to him "I just did what anyone would do". Not true! He risked his life to save others -including many Jewish families -- taking them from Nazi occupied Norway to safety in Sweden in the dark of night on skis of all things! I introduced the story to a home school mom and asked her if her two boys (one would write and the other illustrate) could do the project right away. The reason being, I wanted to present Art with a proof copy at the Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance) in April. Well, the boys did a great job and Art was able to proofread the book and make minor changes before the book went to print. This story is the inspiration behind A BOOK by ME's Operation Write Now. We must enlist young people to tell these important stories right now!

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