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Thanks to young author Marisa Paulsen and artist Raelen Gipple, both from Iowa, for their dedication in preserving the story of Dr. Paul Hauck. Paul was originally from Germany but his family immigrated to America before the war. He knew the US Army could use his language skills when he joined the service. After liberation, Dr. Hauck was an eyewitness to the horrors of the concentration camps. Click here to purchase on Amazon!

Inge's Story

There's always a "story behind the story" which is why I wrote my book entitled A Walk With Esther. It's amazing working with both the WWII generation and youth of today. In my mind, one of the most heartwarming stories on record is the story behind Jewish survivor Inge Auerbacher and her young author Danielle Lyle. Inge, from NY, read about my work in a newspaper and picked up the phone and called me. This was weeks before I met Danielle's mother, who fell in love with the project when she heard about it. When I connected the three women, it was electric. It seemed like the writing process went fast and next thing I know they are on a television commercial for the United States Holocaust Me

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