Ralph Smith A WWII Veteran Art Protector

Ralph Smith, originally from Kentucky, lives at Friendship Manor in Rock Island. When I was out speaking one day, a woman approached me asking if I would meet with Ralph, who is her best friend's father. I went with her and met a humble man with an incredible story to tell. He served our country during WWII and after the Allies won, his unit was assigned an unusual task. They were taken to a beautiful castle in the German country-side and ordered to guard millions of dollars worth of art. Years later he would learn the story of the Monument's Men recovering the art but as a young soldier, all he knew was he was sleeping in a comfortable bed for the first time in ages and there was fine win

Joe Lambert A WWII Veteran Corporal of the Guard

Joe Lambert is a hero of World War II. His important story is being written and illustrated by Jeremiah Kirby and Tess Horton, both of Rockridge school district in Illinois. He and many other WWII heroes will soon be recognized at a program at the Reynolds Legion in Reynold's Illinois on Sunday, May 15 at 3 p.m. Invite shown below - please mark your calendar. A survivor of Pearl Harbor who was a homeless teen before the war. His is a story of hope taking him from an abused boy and the horrors of the war to a great man of honor. I'm proud that Al's story will soon be in our Heroes Series. A Hungarian couple whose studies in Germany made them refugees after WWII. During the wartime, their trai

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