John Gaultier A WWII Veteran Concentration Camp Liberator from Iowa

It was truly an honor to introduce a young author and an illustrator to Veteran John Gaultier of Vinton, Iowa. The girls, Imi Duchesneau and Alyssa Landi, were beyond excited as we left to drive home. They were riding with their grandmother and I was riding with John's friend, a wonderful Vietnam Veteran named Ira Richards. On the way home after the interview, I was getting texts from the girls with ideas they had for the book cover and the storyline. The young ladies were excited about the story John had just told us (see bio below). They were especially moved by the fact that the Jewish prisoner passed away in John's arms. The last human being that man saw was someone being kind to him ins

Alvis Taylor A WWII Veteran An Eyewitness to Pearl Harbor

Rockridge Junior High students Grace Ryckaert and Kenzie Reimers had the honor of meeting WWII veteran Alvis Taylor. We listened carefully as he told us his story of growing up in Texas as the son of a bootlegger. He talked about starving during the Great Depression. He had a lucky break when he was able to sweep up at the meat market and get a ring of bologna each day to help feed the family. His father beat him with a belt when he was twelve-years-old. Al knew he couldn't live with this abuse and he left home. Fortunately, Al had a friend whose family was willing to take him in. That's where he stayed until he signed up to go into the Army at sixteen. He lied about his age, and by the time

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