Reed Robertson A WWII Veteran An Eyewitness to Hiroshima

The middle school students at Rockridge schools are searching high and low for subjects who lived through WWII. They want to write stories for my book series and so far, six great stories have been found in the local area. A veteran named Reed Robertson came up to me after speaking at his Rotary club a few weeks ago. He said he thought his story would make an interesting one for the series. He was in the Army Air Corp and his crew was occasionally asked to take photos from the air. This is what happened on the morning the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He said "it was a day like any other day" and his flight crew had no idea what was to happen. He still has the pocket watch he used during

News 6 Report on The Inspiring Life of Ida Kramer

It's been a year this month since my mentor, Ida Kramer passed away. Ida inspired me and countless others with her tireless passion of teaching the Holocaust. What a special joy it was for me to watch News 6 last week and see Fran Riley's interview with the author of the children's book about Ida. News 6 Story It was very special to see Rachael reading it to the children at Jane Adams Elementary School. I loved seeing how intently they were listening to the visiting author. Thank you Rachael Cupp and Jasmine Mendez for documenting this important story. Now thousands of students will know Ida's story and how special she was to Holocaust education in this region.

Greatest Generation is Inspiring the Next Generation

Recently, a teacher named Candy Lopez from Rockridge Junior High contacted me with a desire to excite her students about history. We've asked them to capture stories of World War II veterans for the A BOOK by ME series. Today eighteen students have signed up to either write or illustrate. As we began searching for stories to tell, the following subjects were found in our area: A veteran from Galesburg, Illinois who photographed the atom bomb explosion over Hiroshima and documented the aftermath on the ground afterward. His story would belong in our Hero Series. A veteran from Davenport, Iowa who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. His story would belong in our Hero Series. A veteran from Pr

Happy New Year!

Jewish Holocaust Survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan has spoken to thousands of students all around the world. You can tell by the adoring look on young Ava Goodson's face, Marion is touching lives. Ava, who is a young author for A BOOK by ME, heard Marion tell her incredible story of survival and met her afterward. Many students from the Quad Cities area heard Marion speak in December. A group special to my heart are high school age international students from Indonesia, Mali, Tunisia, Egypt, Armenia, Ethiopia, Senegal and Ukraine. After hearing her story, Fatima from Egypt said "I remember her message about people being kind to each other, and respecting each other for peace in the world. Als

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