Holocaust Remembrance

I am currently at a conference in St. Louis so awoke this morning feeling badly I'm not in my home community for Yom Hashoah Holocaust Remembrance. This morning I heard that there was a Jewish survivor speaking at the History Museum. It was there I met Sara Moses who told her compelling story of survival. The Polish immigrant shared that as a six-year-old child, she lay in a bunk sick with typhus at Bergen-Belson concentration camp. The only thing she could do to cure boredom was to use her creative mind. She used her own ten fingers to entertain herself. She named them and imagined faces on them. Her fingers had a family. They were not torn apart from those they loved. They had food to eat

April visit to Denver

Earlier this month, I visited Jewish survivor Jack Welner in Denver, Colorado. Originally I met Jack five years ago and when I heard his story, I knew it would make a wonderful addition to the A BOOK by ME book series. Young author Jacob Johnson and young artist Miguel Lugo both from Massachusetts have documented his story for this generation and those to come. The book about his life is in final edits now and we hope to distribute it, along with other books from the series, across the state of Colorado next school year. I learned there are several Jewish survivors in Denver who still tell their stories. Each of these stories would make welcome additions to the series. I met with leaders fro

Audrey Marcus and Elaine Spanier

Pictured: Audrey Marcus, Deb Bowen and Elaine Spanier On my last morning in Denver, I stopped by a retirement center to meet with two wonderful ladies. Coffee with Audrey Marcus and Elaine Spanier was nothing less than inspirational. Audrey's husband survived the Holocaust by going to Shanghai with other Jewish refugees. She wrote his story in a book entitled Survival in Shanghai: The Journals of Fred Marcus. www.survivalinshanghai.com Elaine's husband was also a Holocaust survivor. He immigrated to Chicago where he moved in across the street from her. The ladies are widows and both agreed they would love to have a young author tell their husband's stories. During this short visit, there wer

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