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A New Way to Tell an Old Story

A BOOK by ME is a literacy project for youth, which includes interviewing a subject in order to  write and illustrate a 10 page children's book on their life. The project is designed for students 18 and younger and integrates skills such as interviewing, researching, writing, editing, and illustrating. Never Forget Publishing, Inc then publishes the story complete with photographs, a two-page biography, and matching curriculum.


In the beginning, the book project started as a dream of Deb Bowen's to preserve stories of Jewish survivors, specifically three women each named Esther. 









Today with over 80 books in our Holocaust series, our books tell true stories of Jewish survivors, WWII Veteran liberators and eye witnesses, and Righteous Gentiles, non-Jews who risked their lives to help Jews. Now there are two other series: Human Rights and Heroes. Several children's books are now published and available to purchase on Amazon. Sign up for our newsletter for continued information of new releases. 

Mission Statement

A BOOK by ME seeks to preserve the history of the

WWII generation and other human rights issues. Our desire

is to preserve the stories for the classroom so lessons of tolerance, empathy, hope and respect are not lost.

Click here for more information about our classroom set. 

"Please help me rescue more of these incredible true stories for the next generation. I'm asking ordinary students to do something extraordinary" 

-Deb Bowen, Author of A Walk With Esther

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