This project will enrich your life and the life of your subject. Whether you choose to write a Holocaust story, a Human Rights story, or a Hero’s story, you will bring it to life for your readers. There is nothing more powerful than a human story. Many more amazing stories are waiting to be told.


You will need a story coach, a teacher or other adult, to mentor you through your project. Then, decide on a subject: a person with an inspiring story to tell. Once you decide on these two people, please register. We can only use one book per subject, so registering will ensure that you get your first choice.

*Please view the 5 tutorial videos before you begin any of the steps. 

Step 1: Choose a subject, story coach, and register. 

Step 2: Interview your subject. Follow the directions in the Writer's Guidelines and Coach Guidelines.  

Step 3: Write your story about the subject. Edit and Revise.

Step 4: Illustrate the story. 

Step 5: Submit with the three links above: Author Submission Form, Coach Submission Form, and Photo Submission Form