Jewish Survivor Initiated First Televised Presidential Debate

Fred A. Kahn, Washington DC Metro Area - Mozel Tov to Fred and his young author, Marcus Yarboro of Strafford, Virginia, on the book release entitled The Story of Fred A. Kahn (a.k.a. Freddy Lejeune.) This children's book was illustrated by Danielle Lyle of Woodbridge, Virginia and is part of the A BOOK by ME (ABBM) collection. The fascinating story is based in Belgium where Freddy and his parents survive the Nazi persecution. After immigrating to America, he develops an idea of inviting the Presidential candidates to debate at his college. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt lent him a hand to make this possible and once arrangements were made, he invited the national news to televise. Immigrant and Jewish survivor Fred Kahn changed the world of politics in America and now readers can learn about his amazing story. Fred's book is available for purchase now at

The ABBM concept is having youth (age 18 or younger) meet Jewish Holocaust Survivors, World War II veterans, and other stories of survival during the war. After meeting and an interview, the students write, edit and illustrate a children's book about the subject's life.

The writing started over a decade ago when Deb Bowen, a Christian mother, wanted the stories of three Jewish women, each named Esther, told for future generations. She recruited students to tell the three stories and today there are over 80 books in the A BOOK by ME Holocaust Series. The mission statement for the program is: to give young authors and illustrators a creative outlet to share important true stories. To learn more about the writing project click here.

With the help of generous donors, approximately a thousand copies of various titles of children's books in the series have been distributed throughout Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities area [where the concept was conceived.] Teachers say the books make this period of time more real to their students. In addition to history, the books teach many valuable lessons appropriate for today. We feel it's time to begin statewide distributions of the children's books to educate and hopefully, to inspire new young authors to find stories in their communities. We are excited to announce that donors are coming forth and we are beginning our statewide distribution in Iowa-beginning next month in November!

It's our hope to distribute Fred's children's book along with other titles in the series in the D.C. area (statewide in Virginia and Maryland.) This is our plan for every state in the USA in the future. Books in the series are available complete with the author/illustrator's version of the story, a two page bio, photographs and matching curriculum. We were excited to hear what Mary Jean Eisenhower (granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower) had to say about A BOOK by ME. Read her endorsement here.

Again, my heartfelt congratulations to Fred along with his young author and young illustrator. Truly you are passing a story down from generation to generation. In Hebrew, this is called "L'dor Vador."

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