Three New Summer Releases

Three New Summer Releases

Thanks to two private donors and Bridges of Faith

A Hidden Life is written and illustrated by Chloe Marie Gosa of Rock Island, Illinois. It is the story of a French girl who was not told her family was Jewish. She grew up during the war unaware of her roots until it became safe for her father to return and become a family again. The girl grew up to be Michelle Rubovits, the wife of Rabbi Chuck Rubovits. She worked at a branch of the Rock Island library for many years before moving to Joliet.

The Footstool is written by Alanna Rumler and illustrated by Jennifer Barks both from Geneseo, Illinois. It is the story of a Polish husband and wife who were taken to Dachau Concentration Camp with their three children. They were not Jewish but Catholic Poles to be used as slave laborers. Their youngest child was a blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter who they were told died two days after they enrolled her in pre-school. Because she was Aryan-looking, there is a good chance she was taken by the Nazis.

Someone to Help is written by Bella (an exchange student from Azerbaijan) and illustrated by Sarah Walker of Davenport, Iowa. It is the story of the Shpuza family of Albania. They were Muslims who risked their lives to hide and save Jews during WWII.

NOTE: These three books and all future projects will have curriculum included.

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