Every children's book in the series has a story within the story. Many of the students and their subjects fall in love and it's a very sweet process to watch. This is why I wrote a book called A Walk With Esther. My book tells how the program started and what I've witness unfold with my own eyes. As sure as I know my own name, I know these young authors and illustrators will never forget their experience meeting someone so special.


Get a copy of A Walk With Esther today and buy one for a friend. Pray for me as I go on the highways and byways looking for the last of the stories of the World War II generation.




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She has presented many Young Author programs in various schools and  has taught at University of Illinois "YOUniversity" College for Kids program. 

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Deb Bowen of Aledo, Illinois, began a Holocaust writing project in the Quad Cities in 2002. A vision born after meeting three Jewish survivors from her area – each named Esther. To keep their stories alive, she collaborated with the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities and area teachers. Survivors shared their story in local schools and students were asked to write and illustrate their stories in a simple children’s storybook form.


Along with Jewish stories, books have been written about Christians who risked their lives (Righteous Gentiles) and prison camp liberators. Over 60 books have been written to make the series called “A BOOK by ME”; six of those books were printed and distributed to local schools.


Deb Bowen is married, a mother of six, a grandmother of five and a 'host mom' to twelve exchange students. She represents high school age exchange programs helping young leaders from many countries spend an academic year in the USA. Bowen is an ordained minister, a motivational speaker, freelance writer and serves as a member of The Holocaust Education Committee of the Greater Quad City Area.


Speaker Info: 309.582.8888

References: Allan Ross - Quad Cities Jewish Federation