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In the beginning this children's book project started as a dream to preserve stories of Jewish survivors - specifically three women each named Esther.
Today with over 80 books in our Holocaust series, our books tell true stories of Jewish survivors, WWII Veterans (prison camp liberators and eye witnesses) and Righteous Gentiles (non-Jews who risked their lives to help Jews).
In addition, there are two other series - a Human Rights Series and a Heroes Series. These simple non-fiction books are written by children 18 years and younger.

Several of the children's books are now published and available to purchase. Also, please sign up for our newsletter so you know about new releases.



ATTN: Teachers, Parents and Young Authors
Help me rescue more of these incredible true stories for the next generation! In order to document more subject's stories across the nation and around the world, it's time to interview and tell the stories right now!
Download this flyer and get started today! OPERATION WRITE NOW FLYER LINK HERE
Thank you for your interest in this project that helps ordinary students do something quite extraordinary.

Deb Bowen
Creator, A BOOK by ME
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If you would like to contribute toward this educational vision, your gift is tax deductible.

Please send a check made out to Jewish Federation of QC to:

A BOOK by ME Project

c/o Jewish Federation

2715 30th Street

Rock Island, Illinois 61201





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A Walk With Esther


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